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Fans of comic book art UNITE! Coming in February is the inaugural edition of the CAT Price Guide. Artists like Neal Adams, Jack Kirby, and John Romita, Sr. will be featured. Over 30 more awesome and legendary artists are also featured.

The Comic Art Trends Price Guide is an easy to use reference book to find sales information on some of the most spectacular art to grace the comic book industry. The guide is organized by artists, where each of over thirty legends has his/her own section featuring sales data by title, images from their most significant works, and summary statistics with trend lines to guage the market going forward.

The CAT Price Guide will be entertaining to the comic art geek and relevant to the comic art investor. I believe the information in the Comic Art Trends Price Guide will empower many more people to enter the market for original published comic book art.

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First Edition on sale February 2019


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